desktop_windows Video: Partners’ use
of ASTI data

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ASTI’s video collection includes policy, training, and analysis videos, plus videos showing how to use our website and data tools.

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insert_chart_outlined Website: Overview of data
and tools

ASTI’s website provides interactive country pages; data benchmarking and download tools, including country comparisons, charts and graphs; and a directory of national research agencies.


file_copy Data products:
South Asia

Data and analyses for Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are now live on ASTI’s website. A new series of country briefs is also available, offering a detailed overview of these countries’ agricultural research systems.


supervised_user_circle “The ASTI Network” model: Increasing ownership at the national level

Over time, ASTI has evolved from an data-collection initiative to become a globally recognized and trusted source of policy-relevant data and analytics on agricultural research. In efforts to secure its long-term sustainability and relevance, ASTI is embarking on a new operating model that decentralizes data collection and management, targets demand-driven analyses, and draws on a multistakeholder platform of collaborators


policy Pilot study: Informing policy
with agricultural R&D evidence

ASTI initiated a pilot study on how agricultural research evidence—and particularly ASTI evidence—could be more effectively integrated into national policy and decisionmaking forums, especially to promote the sustainable allocation of resources to agricultural research.