Since the late-1980s, CGIAR has produced and published yearly financial reports comprising detailed data on the staffing, funding, and expenditures of CGIAR centers, the system as a whole, and in more recent years the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs).

ASTI has extracted the most relevant (and consistent) data to make it more readily accessible to users than the pdf-versions of the financial reports on the CGIAR website.

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CG financial reports
location of CGIAR centers

The tool comprises key data on:

The graphs in this tool offer interesting insights into the financial development of the CG system and its centers, research programs, and platforms over time. The underlying data will be available for download in the future. Due to the change from restricted-unrestricted funding to a system comprising the CG fund (through windows 1, 2, and 3) and other sources of funding, funding data are presented in separate graphs for the pre-2011 and post 2011 periods.

Details on the CG centers, CRPs, and platforms including links to webpages are available on the CGIAR website.

CG charts