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Fred Carden, Nienke Beintema, Assefa Admassie, Lucas Katera, Thadeus Mboghoina, and Chukwuka Onyekwena




International Food Policy Research Institute

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ASTI’s outreach and dissemination efforts have contributed to international and regional impact over time, as evidenced by frequent citations in influential reports. Yet, despite these successes, national level uptake of ASTI evidence has been less than expected.

To develop a clearer understanding of how to promote the uptake of agricultural research evidence, ASTI initiated a pilot study in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. The study involved two phases—the first to map each country’s agricultural research interests and issues, and the second to identify initial activities to fill research gaps of relevance to those interests and issues.

The resulting IFPRI Discussion Paper summarizes the framework employed for the study, the approach to the pilot studies, the main findings, and their implications, along with recommendations for increasing the uptake of agricultural research evidence.