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Uruguay: ASTI–INIA Country Factsheet

Uruguay: ASTI–INIA Country Factsheet

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Gert-Jan Stads, Sandra Perez, Isabel Bortagaray, José Bervejillo, Miguel Sierra, and Nienke Beintema


International Food Policy Research Institute and National Agricultural Research Institute

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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As of 2013, the higher education sector accounted for about half of all the agricultural researchers employed in Uruguay, but the country’s primary agricultural research institute, INIA, was responsible for two-thirds of the country’s agricultural R&D expenditures.

Despite erratic yearly fluctuations stemming from the fact that INIA’s funding is tied to the total value of the country’s agricultural production, total spending on agricultural R&D in Uruguay increased during 2006–2013.

Uruguay’s agricultural research system compares favorably with those of many other Latin American countries on a number of key indicators, including spending as a share of AgGDP, the number of researchers per 100,000 farmers, and the share of female researchers with PhD degrees.