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Guatemala: ASTI–ICTA Country Factsheet

Guatemala: ASTI–ICTA Country Factsheet

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Sandra Perez, Julio Martínez, Nienke Beintema, and Kathleen Flaherty


International Food Policy Research Institute and Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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Agricultural R&D spending grew moderately during 2009–2012, in inflation adjusted terms, due to growth in the overall number of researchers employed in the higher education and nonprofit sectors, and increased salary levels and sales revenues at the country’s main agricultural agency, ICTA.

Nonprofit producer organizations play an important role in funding sugarcane and coffee research in Guatemala; in 2012, these activities accounted for a quarter of the country’s total agricultural R&D spending.

Agricultural researcher numbers grew by 20 percent during 2006–2012, but most of the new recruits only held BSc degrees; consequently, the share of PhD-qualified researchers fell from 28 to 17 percent during this timeframe.