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Gabon: ASTI–IRAF Country Factsheet

Gabon: ASTI–IRAF Country Factsheet

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Gert-Jan Stads, Léa Vicky Magne Domgho, and Paul Obiang Angwe


International Food Policy Research Institute and Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute.

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Africa south of the Sahara

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Agricultural R&D spending has fallen drastically since 2000. Gabon’s agricultural R&D spending as a percentage of AgGDP (0.09 percent in 2011) is now one of Africa’s lowest.

Unlike many countries in West and Central Africa, Gabon’s upper middle-income status has precluded it from being considered as a recipient of donor funding, exacerbating its financial hardship.

The country’s agricultural research agencies lack staffing, equipment, and functional R&D programs. Important research areas, including forestry and livestock, are entirely overlooked.