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Venezuela: ASTI Country Factsheet

Venezuela: ASTI Country Factsheet

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Sandra Perez , Héctor Herrera, and Nienke Beintema


International Food Policy Research Institute

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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Agricultural R&D expenditures fluctuated considerably in Venezuela during 2010–2013 based on the volatility of both government funding levels and internally generated resources at INIA, the country’s primary agricultural R&D agency.

Agricultural researcher numbers at INIA almost doubled during 2007–2013, and the majority of this growth was among BSc–qualified researchers. In contrast, researcher numbers at the higher education agencies increased by 38 percent, but growth was mainly among PhD-qualified researchers.

More than half of Venezuelan agricultural researchers are over 50 years old, and this share is even higher among PhD-qualified researchers. About 50 percent of the country’s agricultural researchers are female.