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Paraguay: ASTI–IPTA Country Factsheet

Paraguay: ASTI–IPTA Country Factsheet

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Gert-Jan Stads, Sandra Perez, Justo López, and Nienke Beintema


International Food Policy Research Institute and Paraguayan Institute of Agricultural Technology

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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National agricultural R&D spending doubled during 2006–2013. Nonetheless, the country still has one of the lowest agricultural R&D intensity ratios in the region. Paraguay relies heavily on technologies generated elsewhere—mainly in Brazil and Argentina.

The total number of agricultural researchers almost doubled between 2006 and 2013 as a result of the 2010 establishment of IPTA and increased involvement in agricultural R&D by the higher education sector.

Despite recent capacity increases, Paraguay’s pool of PhD-qualified agricultural researchers is among the lowest in South America.