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Central African Republic: ASTI–ICRA Country Factsheet

Central African Republic: ASTI–ICRA Country Factsheet

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Gert-Jan Stads, Ernest Konguere, and Léa Vicky Magne Domgho


International Food Policy Research Institute and Central African Agricultural Research Institute

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Africa south of the Sahara

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Central African Rep.

Agricultural R&D funding increased rapidly during 2009–2011 after a decade of sustained donor suspensions. A resurgence in political instability in late-2012 once again caused funding levels to decline abruptly.

CAR’s agricultural R&D spending as a share of agricultural AgGDP (0.16 percent in 2011) is among the lowest in Africa.

The country’s main agricultural R&D agency, ICRA, is severely challenged in terms of human resources: it lacks a critical mass of PhD-qualified researchers, and the vast majority of its researchers are approaching retirement age.