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Burundi: ASTI–ISABU Country Brief

Burundi: ASTI–ISABU Country Brief

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Magalhaes, Eduardo Castelo; Beintema, Nienke M.; Ndimurirwo, Léonidas


International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR); and Institute of Agronomic Sciences of Burundi (ISABU)

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Africa south of the Sahara

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Unsurprisingly, investments for agricultural research in Burundi suffered enormously as a result of the civil war. Donor funding halted, government contributions to agricultural research declined, and significant numbers of qualified researchers left the country, including all the expatriates. Since 1997, funding has rebounded somewhat. The government increased its contributions to ISABU and donors contributed some funding mainly through joint projects with ASERECA and the CGIAR.

Nevertheless, ISABU’s current funding levels are still less than half the pre-war levels, and the institute will need to raise additional funding to rebuilt its infrastructure.