Extensive empirical evidence demonstrates that agricultural research and development (R&D) investments have greatly contributed to economic growth, agricultural development, and poverty reduction in developing regions over the past five decades. Effectively disseminated new technologies and crop varieties resulting from R&D investments have enhanced the quantity and quality of agricultural produce, at the same time increasing sustainability, reducing consumer food prices, providing rural producers with access to markets, and improving gender-based allocations and accumulations of physical and human capital within households. Given important challenges, such as rapid population growth, adaptation to climate change, increasing weather variability, water scarcity, and the volatility of prices in global markets, policymakers are increasingly recognizing the value of greater investment in agricultural R&D as an essential element in increasing agricultural productivity around the world.

Illustration-why research matters - government policy plus sustained r and d spending plus ongoing technology research equals agricultural productivity, food security, poverty reduction and economic growth

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