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Sustainable Financing

The major issues explored in this theme are the reasons for low investment in agricultural R&D by SSA governments and the implications for alternative financial and institutional arrangements. The session starts by examining the overall return on past investment in R&D, including the relative contribution of the CGIAR and NARS. The session then uses ASTI data to review past financing of NARS, in particular the division between government and donor funding to agricultural R&D, the volatility of funding levels, and recent changes in donor funding flows. This analysis is complemented by an assessment of the allocation to R&D within overall country level agricultural budgets. These analyses then set the stage for an exploration of alternative financing arrangements for NARS, including levies on export crops, public private contracts, changing priorities in government budgeting, and the potential impact of the CAADP process.

working papers

  • Samuel Benin and Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize. The Political Economy of Agricultural Incentives and Public Expenditures, with Special Reference to Africa Paper
  • Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize, Derek Byerlee, Alex McCalla, Michael Morris, and John Staatz. The Growing Opportunities for African Agricultural Development Paper Presentation
  • Derek Byerlee. Producer Funding of R&D in Africa: An Underutilized Opportunity to Boost Commercial Agriculture Paper Presentation
  • Keith O. Fuglie and Nicholas Rada. Policies and Productivity Growth in African Agriculture Paper Presentation
  • Alejandro Nin-Pratt. Agricultural R&D Investment, Poverty and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects and Needs to 2050  Paper
  • David J. Spielman, Fatima Zaidi, and Kathleen Flaherty. Changing Donor Priorities and Strategies for Agricultural R&D in Developing Countries: Evidence from Africa Paper Presentation
  • Gert-Jan Stads. Africa’s Agricultural R&D Funding Rollercoaster: An Analysis of the Elements of Funding Volatility Paper Presentation

Case studies

  • Gbologade B. Ayoola and Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi. Nationally Financed Agricultural Research: A Case Study on Nigeria Paper
  • Deogratias Lwezaura. Government Funding for Agricultural R&D: A Case Study on the Tanzanian Division of Research and Development Paper
  • Jonathan Makau Nzuma. Producer Funding of Agricultural Research. The Case of Kenya’s Tea Industry Paper

Other materials

  • Ruben Echeverría. Discussant report Report
  • Summary panel discussion on Perspectives from Donor Organizations Summary

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