Key Trends

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  • After exhibiting an erratic, downward trend in the 1990s, agricultural research and development (R&D) spending in Pakistan increased during 2000–09, albeit at an irregular pace.
  • Employing over 3,500 FTE researchers, Pakistan has one of the largest agricultural research systems of any of the world’s developing countries; however, the share of researchers with PhD degrees remains low, at only 18 percent.
  • The country’s provincial public agricultural R&D agencies account for approximately half of national agricultural research investments and human resource capacity, whereas federal agencies account for about one-third of each.
  • The government funds most agricultural R&D, but donor funding also makes a significant contribution. 
  • Although it has grown in recent years, the involvement of the private sector in agricultural R&D in Pakistan is minimal.


Source: ASTI-PARC Country Note, 2012