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Agricultural research in Africa: Investing in future harvests

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More effective and efficient agricultural research systems producing a continuous supply of improved technologies are needed to enhance agricultural productivity and to increase incomes and market participation of smallholders. In Agricultural Research in Africa: Investing in Future Harvests, ASTI authors, researchers, and other development specialists provide a comprehensive perspective on the evolution, current status, and future goals of agricultural research in Africa. More about the book.

Supporting a fresh perspective on agricultural research and development in Nigeria

Nigeria has long been heavily dependent on oil to drive its economy. But with today’s historically low oil prices, its economy is suffering and its leaders are looking towards other sources of revenue. With Nigeria’s abundant natural resources and potential, agriculture is an obvious choice. An ASTI delegation recently visited key partners in Nigeria, where discussions quickly turned to the renewed emphasis on agricultural research and the plans for reforming the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN). Visit the blog.

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Tools allow for cross-country comparisons and rankings of key spending and researcher indicators in Africa south of the Sahara, Latin America and the Caribbean, West Asia and North Africa, and South Asia

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