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New country factsheets

A new series of ASTI Factsheets present trends, research and analyses. Each factsheet delivers an approachable and visual take on country-specific data up to 2011/2012.

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CGIAR Center-specific data / CGIAR totals

Features total spending and allocations, funding trends and allocations, major donors and groups and staffing trends for each CGIAR center

CGIAR centers compared

Highlighting totals for spending, funding, staff and international staff


DIIVA project photo - beans

The DIIVA (Diffusion and Impact of Improved Varieties in Africa) project collected data on improved crop varieties in Africa south of the Sahara. The project and the data presented on the website, was organized around a set of 154 crop-country combinations (CCCs) across 21 crops and 29 countries, that together represent over 70% of the total value of agricultural production in Africa south of the Sahara.

cover image of reportBenchmarking Agricultural Research Indicators Across Asia–Pacific
ASTI Regional Synthesis Report

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Greater Government Commitment, Yet Underinvestment Persists

Africa South of the Sahara

ASTI are currently completing a new dataset for Africa South of the Sahara. More information to follow shortly.

Previous outputs on Africa South of the Sahara

African Agricultural R&D in the New Millennium
IFPRI Food Policy Report

Agricultural R&D: Investing in Africa’s Future

More highlights

Global Assessment of Spending

Private-Sector Agricultural R&D

Trends in private agricultural research, innovation, and policy in a selected number of developing countries.

Gender and Capacity

Gender-disaggregated data on science capacity in Africa South of the Sahara