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Madagascar ASTI–FOFIFA Country Factsheet

Madagascar ASTI–FOFIFA Country Factsheet

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Gert-Jan Stads, Rivonjaka Randriamanamisa, and Léa Vicky Magne Domgho


International Food Policy Research Institute and National Center for Applied Research and Rural Development

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Africa south of the Sahara

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Madagascar’s agricultural R&D spending fell by roughly a quarter during 2008–2011 (in inflation-adjusted terms), largely driven by declines at CNARP, CNRO, and FIFAMANOR. FOFIFA’s spending remained relatively stable over time.

Spending just 0.16 percent of agricultural GDP on agricultural R&D in 2011, Madagascar’s agricultural research intensity ratio is one of the lowest in Africa. 

Agricultural R&D capacity, in terms of the number of agricultural researchers, has remained relatively stable over time; however, maintaining high-quality research and avoiding capacity erosion will be a crucial challenge in the coming years because large numbers of experienced senior scientists are set to retire.